The Minuteman Mold Separator

  • Operates on 208 volt single phase.
  • 118″ long with tipper and 88″ without.
  • 44″ wide.
  • Platens are 40″ X 40″.
  • Separates and tips 6,000 pound molds or mold section.
  • Opens to a maximum of 60″.
  • Closes to 5″.
  • Can accommodate stack molds with sprue bars.
  • Bay height is approximately 18″ above shop floor.
  • Magnets instantly mount the molds to the platen.
  • Molds open mechanically sliding on UHMWPE bay floor.
  • Molds automatically demagnetized when magnets are turned off. Perfect for “high spot” bluing. Lock Out/Tag Out “On/Off’ switch.
  • Two hands required control for safety.
  • Locator ring removal not necessary on molds 12″ X 12″ and larger. Stack lights indicate On/Off, platen movement, and demagnetization.
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