What Our Customers Are Saying

We in the tool room were not consulted about buying the Die-Sep. We actually laughed at the concept of buying a mold separator when we already knew how to open and close molds. But now, five years later, we don’t know what we would do without it!

Steve James

Tool Room Manager, Penn Erie, Erie, PA

The accompanying picture pretty much sums up what I think of the DieSep line.
Jacobo Vazquez

Associate Tooling Staff Engineer, Stryker, Arroyo, PR

We had been looking for something like the Die-Sep for years. Our prior methods of opening and closing molds consisted of large pry bars, hammers, and sometimes large manual clamps, all of which could be quite time consuming and subjected employees to exhausting work and risk of injuries. The Die-Sep with the Mold Tipper feature has really helped us to work more efficiently and safer. We especially appreciate its ability to open and close our large molds, which weigh up to 12,500 lbs. We have enjoyed working with the people at Die-Sep who have been helpful, responsive, and extremely committed to absolute customer satisfaction

Shawn Dusing

Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Donnelly Custom Manufacturing Co., Alexandria, MN

Our facility is a 24/7 operation and the Die-Sep unit has significantly reduced the assembly/disassembly time on molds and reduced risk of injuries that were associated with any other method of taking molds apart the old fashioned way: two toolmakers applying brute force.

 I applaud the advancements Die-Sep has developed since the original model, especially the tipping device. We will be sending our original Die-Sep to our facility in Mexico upon delivery of the new model here at this plant.

John Spielmam

Toolroom Manager, Aptar Group, Inc., Mukwonago, WI

The fellas from Die-Sep called and asked how the Die-Sep was doing and if I would make a comment about it. This is very easy to do because the Die-Sep is doing just fine and we don’t see how we were able to get along without it.

Other than keeping it clean, it’s maintenance free and very easy and safe to operate. Orientation for a new person takes a matter of minutes.

The model we have incorporates a tilt mechanism and a core pull function, takes up very little room. In TWO MINUTES time, you can put a 2000 pound mold in the machine, separate it, and have it back on the table, and not be in a hurry. Opening the same mold on a table with pry bars takes a much, much longer and is sometimes not very safe for the mold. Closing the same mold on a table was done the traditional CAVE MAN STYLE , two guys with 9 pound mallets. Tricky molds with horn pins and any mold that has to have critical alignment during opening and closing to assure proper mating of mechanical parts are a breeze to work now using the Die-Sep.

Needless to say, we are very much spoiled with our Die-Sep machine and highly recommend it.

Ray Thompson

Mold Maker, Intralox, New Orleans, LA

We liked our first Die-Sep so much that we purchased a new larger one that separates 20,000 lbs. and tips 10,000 lbs.

“We have an extremely stringent maintenance program on all of our molds and with the addition of both of the machines we have added 1000 hours of cleaning and maintenance capacity without the addition of any toolmakers.

“Efficiency is the name of the game in this business. The Die-Sep has made our jobs easier and safer. The machine is easy to use and requires little training for new users.

Eric Gehrke

Manufacturing Engineer, Worldwide Dispensers, Lester Prairie, MN

The ROI is tough to believe until you get a Die-Sep in the shop. Then it is believable. The Die-Sep is simply the best piece of equipment for our Mold maintenance Team.
Scott Cran

Tooling Manager Phillips Medisize, New Richmond, Wisconsin

Our company has five Die Sep units in our various shops. They have provided many hours saved to split tools instead of the old way with the crane and pry bars. We had our units custom built for the types of tools we run (many stack tools). The service has been great over the years with Die Sep. They call a couple times a year and check up on the units to see if we have any problems. To this date, no problems with any of our units. Die Sep worked with us on trading in our original smaller unit and upgrading with a brand new unit to split and tip 12.5 tons. Once again the unit works great, saves on time and saves the risk of someone getting hurt trying to use pry bars.

Dave Ball

Consumer Products Division, The Plastek Group, Erie, PA

Our Die-Sep has greatly improved the safety factor of opening large tools at this facility and is also a big time-saver since tools can be opened and closed effortlessly. The quality of the fabrication of this machine is superior. I asked several users of the Die-Sep machine here at Southco to give me their thoughts on how the machine is working for them and this is what they had to say:

“The machine is very easy to use, and well built. It is a great addition to the mold maintenance area.”

“Big time saver! To be able to separate, raise the A-side, do mold work, lower mold back down, and close the mold back with precision is huge for us. It also saves us from pulling our backs out.”

“I was surprised at the ease of opening and closing our huge molds. This is a great machine!”

“This is one of the best tools we have for opening the large molds. Also with the tilting table at the end, it makes doing blade changes on the P2-50 tool a breeze. It puts the tool at just about waist height which makes doing this changeover a snap.”

“The machine is awesome and long overdue. It opens everything effortlessly, the tilting table is great for working on. So is the table added over the top of the pump housing.

“Big back saver!!”

Mike Kulig

Manager, EHS & Facility Support, Southco, Inc., Concordville, PA

The Die-Sep is a very helpful machine! It saves a lot of time and risk of someone getting hurt.

Terry Parve

Tool Room Manager, Gateway Plastics, Mequon, WI

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