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To receive a quote for a Die-Sep separator or separator and tipper along with a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, just complete the form below. It includes enough info for us to profile your mold sizes, maintenance activities and payroll costs.If the form isn’t as self-explanatory as we would like to think and/or you’d prefer to speak with someone from our company first, just complete the contact info. We’ll have one of our sales pros contact you.

We have two models of our Portable Mold Water Flow and Leak Tester, the 120volt model and 220volt model. The price for each is as follows:

  • 120 volt – $6,565 plus shipping
  • 220 volt – $6,875 plus shipping

Just complete the following and we’ll send you a formal quote along with the cost for shipping the unit to your plant. Discounts are available for orders of 3 or more units ordered at the same time, including different models being shipped to different addresses.

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Are there any stack molds?

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Are there any quick change molds (QCM)?

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Are booster pins flush with the back of the mold after removal of insulator plate?

Are molds halves with legs or QCM self-supported? Will each half stand on its own in an upright and stable position when the mold is separated?

How many days per week does the tool room service molds?

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