Stop using pry bars, hammers, cranes and your technician’s energy and time simply to open, tip and close molds. Their energy and time is better spent performing actual cleaning, repairs and maintenance. Protect your guys and keep them fresh throughout the day! 

The various Die-Sep Standard Models will open and close molds weighing from 1,000 – 70,000 pounds. The Mini Die-Sep handles smaller molds. When equipped with one of our three Split-N-Tip models, the Die-Sep tipper, it can tip molds or mold halves weighing up to 50,000 pounds.

One of the largest Die-Sep machines in operation today opens a 68,000 pound mold with 22 inch leader pins in less than 30 seconds once it is lowered vertically into the Die-Sep.

Fourteen Standard Models of the Die-Sep can be delivered in 8 weeks and custom built machines are delivered in 12 weeks.

Tool rooms opening 3 molds per day will usually see a 15 Month ROI and shorter when opening more.

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